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We all know that security is hard… for an MSP, it’s even more difficult.

In addition to balancing the everyday security risks that every business faces, MSP’s also have to focus on their customers’ networks. A lot of times, customer networks take precedence and MSP’s in-house security falls short.

This is a message to all MSP’s: it’s time to take security off the back burner.

When your network is at risk, your customers’ risk is doubled.

Anatomy of an MSP: Breaking & Entering  generated buzz this summer after it was initially presented at the IOTSSA Cybersecurity Roadshow in Illinois. Now, you can hear it for yourself.

We’re excited to share the Penetration Test Presentation in video form for the first time since its live debut. In this video, Security Engineer Derrick Masters dives in to show MSP’s what’s really at stake. Check out the one Penetration Test you’ll never forget:

Anatomy of an MSP video - Watch Now