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11 Years of Work and Play at Infogressive

11 Years Ago - DVDs were being sold in Japan, the internet exceeded 10 million users for the first time, Ebay became a reality and our CEO began a mission to make the internet a safer place.

2006 - Infogressive, Inc. was founded in Lincoln, NE 

Whiteboard Wednesdays: Hackers – Good vs. Bad

When you think of a hacker, do you imagine a hooded villain, secretly prying into the lives of unsuspecting victims? Hackers are criminals, right? They are the brilliant masterminds behind stolen identities, disrupted lives and bankrupted businesses. What about White Hat Hackers? Or Gray Hat Hackers? The world needs hackers who are on our side. Where is the line between ...

Whiteboard Wednesdays: Strong Passwords

Passwords are important, they are the equivalent to your house keys, car keys or even your debit card. Having strong, secure passwords is critical. Think of it this way, if you had to hide your house keys every day when you leave for work, would you hide them in the easiest, most convenient spot so that you can get back into the house as quickly as possible when you get home? Just leave the key...

Scam Alert

Scam Alert - Bad guys are exploiting the Hurricane Harvey disaster. You may see messages on social media or, you may even receive an email asking you to donate to #HurricaneHarvey. Scammers are sending fake links, designed to take your money and prevent it from getting to those who really need it.

Follow these tips to stay safe:

  • Ty...

Whiteboard Wednesdays: New Car vs. AV Software

Think of the last time you purchased a brand new car. What if it didn't work after only one day? You jump in your shiny new ride, fasten your seat belt and turn the ignition ... nothing. The car won't start. You might head back into the dealership (if you can find a ride). "I just bought a brand new car from you and now it won't start!" The dealer shrugs and says "well it worked yesterday di...