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Lateral Movement: Legitimate Activity or Real Threat?

   A good disguise can go a long way.

Concealing your real identity and priorities can get you far, especially in cybersecurity. 

When an attacker is disguised as a legitimate user, it’s harder to detect their presence, often until it’s too late. This is most evident during the cyberattack stage of lateral movement. To fight an attack at this stage, it’s impo...

Green Cloud & Infogressive Forge Alliance to Bolster Cybersecurity Solutions for Channel Partners

    Green Cloud Technologies a 100% channel only cloud technology solutions provider has signed a partnership agreement withInfogressive a leading provider of around-the-clock cybersecurity technology services.  The new partnership will add Infogressive’s cybersecurity intelligence with Green Cloud’s IT solutions to detect and prevent cyber threats and provide a cohesive set of security cap...

Network Visibility: What Can’t You See?

Every network has its weaknesses.

But do you know what they are and the impact they have on your network security? With the large amount of data on systems and advances in attack sophistication, it’s more important than ever to have a complete picture of what’s going on in your network.


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Advanced Persistent Threat: Challenge Accepted

 The battle of cybersecurity is constantly advancing.

As hackers move to more complex, focused efforts, their strategies have changed and the threat has increased.

One of these strategies, advanced persistent threats (APT), is a customized, focused attack that is difficult to detect and nearly impossible to prevent. So how do companies of all sizes protect their networks...

What is EDR and How Can It Protect You?

 What’s your game plan if prevention fails? 

As attack techniques continue to advance, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. Last year, 77% of successful attacks used fileless attack techniques, something even the best antivirus solution can’t track or prevent.

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Your Game Plan to Disrupt the Cyberattack Lifecycle

 Cyberattacks don’t happen overnight.

They take weeks, even months of planning, research, and deliberate actions. At each stage, from the preparation to the finished attack, there’s great potential to detect the malicious activity and break down the entire operation.

Knowing the lifecycle of a cyberattack can help you iden...

The Complete Guide to EDR

As the intelligence of hackers continues to grow, so does the technology built to protect against even their best attacks. Technology like Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) can be invaluable to businesses or managed service providers (MSPs), but with such a powerful tool, there are many questions that need to be answered to understand how it works, what it protects against, and the benefits ...

Infogressive’s Team Grows Stronger: Meet Our New Hires

 January 2019: Infogressive is getting stronger! We’re expanding our team by 9 additional members to fuel the growing demand for our cybersecurity-as-a-service platform.

After successful growth of 10 members in early 2018 and continued small-scale hiring throughout the rest of that year, our early-2019 expansion includes 5 Account Managers, 2 Operational Specialists, and 2 Informatio...

Justin on InSecurity Podcast

Our very own Justin Kallhoff, Infogressive founder and CEO, joined Matt Stephenson, host of Insecurity Podcast, for a discussion about securing SMBs (small to mid-sized businesses).

Justin and Matt chat about:

  • The difference between MSP and MSSP
  • The beginning years of Infogressive
  • Ransomware
  • How we do what we do
  • Common mistakes
  • and m...

Families Are Targets, Too: 5 Home Cybersecurity Tips

It's not just big businesses that are at risk of being hacked or cyber-attacked.

It may seem scary to let your kids–or yourself–go online after you hear that, but don't throw all the computers away and live off-the-grid just yet. Try implementing these five cybersecurity practices in your home to give your family some peace-of-mind online:

1. Create strong passwords


5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Cybersecurity at Work

It’s true, some of the smallest improvements can really be game changers — especially in cybersecurity. They say the end-user is the weakest link—that’s you! Whether you know it or not, cyber criminals see you as an easy target. But don’t worry, you don’t need the newest security technology to protect yourself from some of the most common threats.

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MSP vs Hacker: Penetration Test Demo

     We all know that security is hard… for an MSP, it’s even more difficult.
In addition to balancing the everyday security risks that every business faces, MSP’s also have to focus on their customers’ networks. A lot of times, customer networks take precedence and MSP’s in-house security falls short.

This is a message to all MSP’s: it’s time to take security off the...

10 Mistakes That Will Get You Hacked

Sometimes, it's the little things that make a big difference. This is especially true for cybersecurity. Here are 10 common mistakes made in office settings that leave people vulnerable to cyber attacks, presented by Security Engineer, Will Tipton:  

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Vulnerability Management: Don’t Be That Guy

Ignore security at your own and your customers’ peril. Recently there was a post on r/sysadmin from a network administrator who had a client system hacked because he left their iLO card facing the internet… and didn’t stay up to date on vulnerabilities and patching. His lack of situational awareness led to what he initially viewed as a brief operational interruption, but has now come to und...

Scam Alert: Sextortion Email Using Real Passwords

In the past 48 hours, security operators have seen a new ‘sextortion’ message begin popping up in client inboxes almost everywhere. The most frightening part of this message is that it lists a password either in the subject line or the first sentence. This password probably looks familiar, and if you’re one of the (too many!!!) people who reuse the same password for multiple sites (or everyt...

A Simple Guide to Online Privacy and Protecting Your Identity

It is easier than ever for cyber criminals to obtain your private information, especially when "trustworthy" sites are the ones putting it on the line. Follow these simple steps to ensure you're doing what you can to keep your information safe at work and at home:

Check for credibility

When you're shopping online or creating an account on a website, ask yourself the follow...

Don’t Get Hooked! 7 Signs of a Phishing Email

it, but your computer, mobile devices, accounts, and information all have value to cyber criminals. According to Verizon's 2017 Data Breach Report, 91% of company breaches start with an email. Knowing how to maintain email security at the user-level will keep you and your company safe. Here are the top 7 signs of a phishing email to watch out for:

Healthcare Case Study -Malware on Surgical Laser

ase studies that give you goosebumps thinking about the current state of cybersecurity in the healthcare industry. For example, a medical laser being infected by malware. Read on for the details.

The Organization 

A regional health system with more than 13,000 employees

The Environment

CEO, Justin Kallhoff’s Interview with Bar Napkin Business

11 Years Ago, Justin Kallhoff, our CEO saw a significant gap in the cybersecurity of businesses. Large businesses have sufficient funds for the cybersecurity needed. Small to medium businesses however, are left with little to no protection. To make matters worse, criminals out to steal data from such companies figured this out rather quickly. Big companies may have deeper p...

Cylance Case Study – Healthcare

The Customer 

A US-based healthcare services and product provider with over 400 locations nationwide, directly supporting over one million patients.

U.S. Warns about Phishing Attacks on Utility Companies

U.S. warns about phishing attacks on nuclear, energy, aviation, water, and manufacturing industries 

The U.S government issued a rare public warning that sophisticated hackers are targeting energy and industrial firms, the latest sign that cyber attacks present an increasing threat to the power industry and other public infras...

11 Years of Work and Play at Infogressive

11 Years Ago - DVDs were being sold in Japan, the internet exceeded 10 million users for the first time, Ebay became a reality and our CEO began a mission to make the internet a safer place.

2006 - Infogressive, Inc. was founded in Lincoln, NE 

Whiteboard Wednesdays: Major Equifax Breach and What You Can Do

The recent breach reported by Equifax is massive, with more information surfacing all the time. When something like this happens, we hear a lot of questions from concerned individuals, such as: Could this happen to our business or organization? Could this have been prevented? How do I protect myself in case my information was stolen? What exactly happened? Derrick Masters, Security Enginee...

Scam Alert

Scam Alert - Bad guys are exploiting the Hurricane Harvey disaster. You may see messages on social media or, you may even receive an email asking you to donate to #HurricaneHarvey. Scammers are sending fake links, designed to take your money and prevent it from getting to those who really need it.

Follow these tips to stay safe:

  • Ty...

Client Spotlight: Adam Walter

There is nothing more important to us at Infogressive than our customers. Through roles in both the public and private sector, Adam Walter has retained our team to work with him on a wide variety of cybersecutiy needs. As he says in the video, sometimes you are just too close to a problem. It can take outside eyes to come in and uncover some issues that you didn’t know you h...