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Cylance Case Study – Healthcare

The Customer 

A US-based healthcare services and product provider with over 400 locations nationwide, directly supporting over one million patients.

How to Protect Patient Data From Network Gate Crashers

Healthcare providers have historically taken a perimeter-focused approach to cybersecurity which is the equivalent of building a strong fence around your property to keep the cattle safe. On the ranch a fence may develop a small hole that allows a predator in or a stampede could crash through the gate. Your network is at risk in similar ways. Cyberattacks on healthcare providers don’t gai...

Why Are Healthcare Providers Underinvested in Cybersecurity?

According to 2016 survey results from The Ponemon Institute, healthcare organizations average about one cyber attack per month. So why, then, do so many remain underinvested in cybersecurity? That’s a question we often ask ourselves and encourage healthcare executives to think about too — especially when almost half have experienced the loss or exposure of patient data within the last ...

Preventing 3rd-Party Security Breaches: A Must For Healthcare

Businesses in all sectors are increasingly relying on vendors and associates. This is especially true in healthcare, where functions such as billing are frequently performed by outside parties, and providers rely on various partners for services like imaging and diagnostics. While third-party contractors provide benefits such as cost-savings, supplemental expertise and improved efficiencies...