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CylancePROTECT vs. RansomFree: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Written By: Derrick Masters, Security Engineer As an all-around nerd, not just a security nerd, I spend a lot of time checking out non security related blogs that involve a lot of technology. One in particular is Lifehacker.com. They usually have some pretty interesting blurbs about software or attacking a problem in a different way. Nothing too heavy, but still useful. The other day, though...

That’s No Moon… It’s Malware

Written By: Derrick Masters, Security Engineer Thanks to the deluge of Crypto malware attacks recently, everyone in infosec has been VERY on edge about anything that pops in a quarantine. "Oh crap. What'd they hit? Where's it going? What IS this?!" Recently, we noticed such a hit with one of our customers in the financial world. We received an alarm out of our SIEM that Cylance had quara...

Prepare for the Hunt – Five Practical Tips to Make Log Analysis Less Miserable with Fortinet

Written By: Derrick Masters, Security Engineer Log analysis. It's a thing. First reactions are probably going to be "Yuck," "Make the new guy do it," "Insert expletive here," or the more common "Why? What broke now?" Everyone in IT knows that logs are one of the single most important things in any environment. If something breaks, check the logs. Someone blaming the firewall for a site n...