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CylancePROTECT vs. RansomFree: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Written By: Derrick Masters, Security Engineer As an all-around nerd, not just a security nerd, I spend a lot of time checking out non security related blogs that involve a lot of technology. One in particular is Lifehacker.com. They usually have some pretty interesting blurbs about software or attacking a problem in a different way. Nothing too heavy, but still useful. The other day, though...

That’s No Moon… It’s Malware

Written By: Derrick Masters, Security Engineer Thanks to the deluge of Crypto malware attacks recently, everyone in infosec has been VERY on edge about anything that pops in a quarantine. "Oh crap. What'd they hit? Where's it going? What IS this?!" Recently, we noticed such a hit with one of our customers in the financial world. We received an alarm out of our SIEM that Cylance had quara...