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MSP vs Hacker: Penetration Test Demo

       We all know that security is hard… for an MSP, it’s even more difficult.
In addition to balancing the everyday security risks that every business faces, MSP’s also have to focus on their customers’ networks. A lot of times, customer networks take precedence and MSP’s in-house security falls short.

This is a message to all MSP’s: it’s time to take security off the...

Penetration Test or Risk Assessment: Which One Is Right For Me?

It's not uncommon for the terms ‘Risk Assessment’ and ‘Penetration Test’ to be used interchangeably, but the truth is, the two are very different. A Risk Assessment typically involves identifying areas of vulnerability or potential weakness, and then providing a roadmap to a stronger security posture. Penetration Tests take that one step further by actively exploiting those vulnerabili...