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Managed Endpoint Encryption

A single employee’s security risk can greatly impact the risk of the entire network. All businesses, regardless of size, become victim to lost or stolen computers sooner or later. With Managed Endpoint Encryption, you can protect your data. Full disk encryption prevents unauthorized access, data loss and hacking malware.

We manage your full disk encryption keys on all of your laptops and desktops. The software encrypts the content on both Windows and Macs in real time on its own; the enduser does not have to start the process. The encryption follows the file as it is shared. Although, it will not cause added steps when it is shared internally. With the provided portal, you also have access to directly control your encryption keys. Have our service simplify the process of: management, password recovery and policy updates for you!

Managed Endpoint Encryption

Malware Defense

Our Team

  • Sets up new endusers and configures policies
  • Full disk encryption using Windows BitLocker and Mac File Vault
  • Cloud based service
  • Meets HIPAA compliance mandates that includes audit reports and logs


Managed Firewall

Many companies have firewalls sitting on a rack that are not configured properly or monitored, increasing the chance of security threats. Don’t be a victim. Our Managed Firewall service will solve all these issues and more.

Managed Sandbox

With our sandbox security, we are taking the risk out of attachments. By testing your files before they reach you, we are providing a crucial extra layer of defense.

Vulnerability Management (VM)

It is one thing to scan and spot problem areas in your network that are at a security risk. It is quite a different ball game to act upon these problem areas and create a plan that can knock out these risks.

Managed SIEM

Every day thousands and even millions of logs are generated on your network. Making sure these logs are managed plays a key role in stopping a cyber attack. Going beyond that, security information and event management (SIEM) uses event logs to find threats facing your network.

Managed Email Security

A hacker’s preferred method of attack remains to be email. The high level of detail in phishing attacks makes guarding your inbox more crucial than ever. Let us create a secure email gateway to take your email protection to the next level.

Phishing Awareness & Training

Being responsible for your network’s security also is comprised of all the employees in your business. What are people really clicking on? With a managed phishing test, you can actually see, and later improve your open rates of phishing emails.