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Phishing & Security Awareness Training

Being responsible for your network’s security also is comprised of all the employees in your business. Although you do not have full control of each person’s inbox, this is a problem. What are people really clicking on? With a managed phishing test, you can actually see, and later improve your open rates of phishing emails.

Our Managed Phishing & Security Awareness Training service provides frequent training and testing for your employees. Our phishing emails are sophisticated, carbon copies of the real thing. Just to name a few kinds of phishing emails we can do: outstanding invoices, Linkedin notifications, or IT telling you to change your password. Your employees need to know how to spot the clues of phishing emails.

We will send your users crafted phishing emails over a period of time so they cannot tip each other off. No rickrolling here; if the phishing link is clicked in the email, the user is enrolled in more training modules. After the baseline testing is done, the training will start and you will be able to see your company’s phish prone rate decrease by follow up phishing emails from us. Reduce the human variable of your security posture!

Phishing & Security Awareness Training Overview

Phishing Test

Our Team

  • Test & Train with baseline and progress reporting of your phish prone percentage
  • Custom training modules based on user’s department and job function
  • Automatic enrollment of training for users that fail their phishing tests


Managed Firewall

Many companies have firewalls sitting on a rack that are not configured properly or monitored, increasing the chance of security threats. Don’t be a victim. Our Managed Firewall service will solve all these issues and more.

Managed Malware Prevention

There are plenty of antivirus (AV) out there that claim to protect your network from attacks. We do more than just safeguard you from known threats, we prevent from unknown threats too. Our endpoint security uses mathematical models to detect zero-day attacks.

Vulnerability Management (VM)

It is one thing to scan and spot problem areas in your network that are at a security risk. It is quite a different ball game to act upon these problem areas and create a plan that can knock out these risks.

Managed SIEM

Every day thousands and even millions of logs are generated on your network. Making sure these logs are managed plays a key role in stopping a cyber attack. Going beyond that, security information and event management (SIEM) uses event logs to find threats facing your network.

Managed Email Security

A hacker’s preferred method of attack remains to be email. The high level of detail in phishing attacks makes guarding your inbox more crucial than ever. Let us create a secure email gateway to take your email protection to the next level.

Managed Sandbox

With our sandbox security, we are taking the risk out of attachments. By testing your files before they reach you, we are providing a crucial extra layer of defense.