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Infogressive Services

Sophisticated Solutions to Meet Every Security Need

We speak geek but that doesn’t mean our solutions are complicated. Our industry leading solutions provide diverse methodology to prevent and combat every security need.

Managed Security

Cybersecurity today does not need to be overwhelmingly complicated and expensive. Our full line up of Managed Security Services keeps your network secure and your budget in check. We have made the best security technology on the planet available to organizations of every size.

Penetration Testing

Understanding the mindset of a cyber attacker is key to preventing a potential breach. That’s why our Penetration Testing service provides offensive and defensive measures to help mitigate or resolve security weaknesses before the hackers exploit them. Our team simulates an attacker to provide you with actionable reports to improve your security posture.

Risk Assessments

Let’s talk strategy, shall we? Our Risk Assessments provide a customized roadmap of your company’s current security environment and builds a strategy that reduces identified risk and security threats. No automatically generated reports here – just a simple, customized blueprint for future improvement.

Incident Response

When a security breach or cyber attack occurs, it’s crucial to effectively and efficiently identify the magnitude of the attack to prevent further damage to your network. Our team helps you to take back control and prevent future incidents.


“Infogressive hires top-notch engineers that display a can-do attitude and a willingness to get their hands dirty.”

–IT Director, State Agency

“Glad we chose Infogressive to help us in implementing a solution to help prevent malware from infecting our network. It has already had a huge impact and well worth the money! You guys are great!”

–Matt Meierdierks, Systems Administrator, Lincoln Industries

“Infogressive has been a proven partner in the IT security of our company. They take an all-encompassing approach to solving both hardware and software security issues.”

–Jarrod Rohwer, IT Manager, Sid Dillon Auto Group